Founded in Germany in 1917 by Erich Kraut in the region of Wuppertal (Ruhr area), ELBA was soon dedicated to the production of lever arch files, and then other types of filing products.

Paper by Nature

The ELBA brand was born from the combination of the names of the two villages (ELberfeld and BArmen) where the story of the company begins. ELBA filing products are now among the best known in Europe for their functionality and quality, with the emphasis on added value and unique features.

  ELBA has invented some of the most popular products and features in the market for filing products.

Examples needed? The famous RADO eyelets, allowing the firm closure and upright position of lever arch files is one of them, RADO standing for Richtiges Aufstellen des Ordners, meaning correct upright position of lever arch files. Another example is the invention by ELBA of Pendel Registratur, the very first hanging files system.

Since then ELBA follows the new and ever changing challenges of filing and organisational products, continually investing in innovation.

Magic Cover

The continuous research in office, home and school organisation and working habits resulted in a responsive and personal service with the ability to react quickly to changing consumer expectations of today and tomorrow. One of the most popular and emblematic innovative ELBA products, especially in a country like France, is Magic Cover, the really miraculous book cover solution that makes it possible to cover a text book in less than 90 seconds!


In addition with ElbaPrint, the free online service for filing product customisation, ELBA enables everyone to create their own organisation in detail, a real advantage in terms of motivation and efficiency.

ELBA is also committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products. Far ahead of the REACH European regulations on chemicals, we constantly improve the eco-friendliness of products made of plastics. And an increasing number of our paper and cardboard products are labelled Paper by Nature or Blue Angel.

The clear mission of ELBA is to help all consumers to feel more confident, efficient, and better organised in their working environment through ingenious filing solutions. Because we are all different, ELBA addresses the diversity of consumer profiles and needs with a set of transversal ranges like Eurofolio, Polyvision, Transparence, Memphis… encompassing filing products of all categories such as ring binders, lever arch files, suspension files, protection and presentation, indices and dividers and document filing.

With all these advantages, ELBA now has strong or significant positions in markets like France, Germany, UK, Benelux and Spain, and is ready to expand its success across entire European continent.