Through its two core brands, Hamelin addresses a broad range of needs for home use. Whether for getting organised at home or equipped for leisure, whether for personal or family use, there is always a solution in Elba or Oxford.

Elba offers many product lines allowing everyone to get better organised for leisure or to deal with more administrative activities. Fancy lines such as Graphyk, Happy Rain, Jungle, Natural Feeling, Lina .. or ecofriendly designed as Touareg are as many lifestyles. As for products types, suspension files portable containers, protective U-pockets or home sorting files are specifically designed for home organisation and for the protection of important documents.

Oxford also offers a range of Home & Office books and pads dedicated to a wide variety of domestic uses. Signature books are the perfect companion for the expression of personal thoughts or projects. As for PopNotes stylish small notebooks and pads, they take place everywhere: pockets, bags, drawers, car, bedside table ... to be never out of paper when ideas pop up!

Hamelin by your side anytime...