Servicing the market of users at school or university is a unique expertise Hamelin has developed over many decades through its two brands.

Elba shows its in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs and expectations of the school market. Can you cover five schoolbooks in hardly more than ten minutes? It became possible thanks to Elba, inventor of Magic Cover, most intelligent and powerful book covers. Optional colours enable students to personalise with the colors of its class or according to subject matter. This is made easier with ElbaPrint, a free on line service for personalisation.

As to Oxford, inventing the handwriting paper media best suited to school is an authentic vocation that gets confirmed each school year. Sey├Ęs two-colour ruling, ideal for comfortable writing and reading, invention of the school agenda concept, flexible and durable OpenFlex exercise books, Dozado reversible exercise books, ...these are just a few examples of how Oxford reinvents books & pads willing to give everyone the means to express their potential. Even better, having clearly identified the specific needs of university students, Oxford has dedicated a whole range of products to suit their lifestyle, bringing to life patented innovations like NomadBook or OrganiserBook.