As Europe's leading manufacturer of notebooks and pads our knowledge of the fast-evolving paper-based stationery market is second to none. Fundamental to our success are 4 core values: product leadership, quality performance, manufacturing excellence and environmental responsibility. These values are the foundation of our category and guide every action we undertake.

We pride ourselves in having an in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics of each European country and its consumers. Every day thousands of school children, students and professionals put pen to paper on notebooks and pads that were manufactured in Europe by one of our Books & Pads factories. To achieve this objective we are focused on creating products suited to the individual requirements of each target group within each market and at every level of specification and price.

For branded books and pads Oxford is the Books & Pads category's core brand. Oxford's position as brand leader for notebooks, pads and diaries and its strong brand values are guaranteed to generate added value margins for customers. The Oxford brand strategy is based on synergies between 3 key elements: segmentation, innovation and communication. Oxford delivers innovative solutions that meet the unique and individual needs of children, teenagers, students, teachers, office professionals and executives through the School, Student, Office, International and Black n' Red ranges. Oxford is also bridging the gap between paper and digital technology.

We are committed to satisfying the diverse product needs of our consumers through the development of fruitful partnerships with our customers. Our mission is to ensure we continually add value to our products and play our part in adding to our customer's offering. By adopting a global strategy and approach, together we ensure the profitable and sustainable growth of the Books & Pads market.

Our pan-European manufacturing operations and flexible industrial capacity enables us to fully satisfy our customers' specific business requirements by providing a flexible and efficient service. Our production facilities are equipped with automated state-of-the-art machinery and manned by highly skilled personnel with extensive professional experience and know-how.

Quality control is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Our commitment to delivering the consistently high level of quality that meets our customers' most demanding needs is demonstrated through a strict quality control and continuous quality improvement programme that has been implemented in all our manufacturing facilities.

We constantly strive to limit the impact our products have on the environment in all our manufacturing facilities. All certified products undergo a strict audit phase by an accredited external third party and feature a logo to inform the consumer about their limited environmental impact.