Document filing is a simple and efficient process of storing and managing important loose papers and documents, quickly and securely in static and mobile working situations with product enhancements that meet the challenges of an extensive range of filing applications found in professional, domestic and educational working environments, with traditional and modern formats and designs.

  • Manilla and Polypropylene Document Wallets and Files, capture the versatility and flexibility that the category offers the user in providing simple and efficient solutions with a variety of formats in solving their loose paper filing challenges.
  • Document Wallets and elasticated files satisfy effectively the paper filing requirement for those end-users on the move, in the office or home. Ranges are available in traditional and modern colours with the option of Wallet and 3 Flap File formats.
  • Secure Document files with versatile fitted mechanisms, in vibrant coloured card or traditional manilla colours and formats, meet the filing requirements of the professional office user, in desktop or archive applications, where secure paper filing is of paramount importance.
  • Document files for managing and organising loose papers, in vibrant coloured card or traditional manilla colours and formats meet the challenges of lower cost, simple and effective office filing needs for desktop, suspension and archive filing environments. Product options are Square Cut Folders, Slip Files, Window Files and Folders, Tabbed Folders and 3 Flap Files.
  • Filing Boxes in vibrant coloured card or durable polypropylene for storage of loose papers and documents by professional users in desktop and mobile office situations and home office and education users. Both polypropylene and card Filing Box formats are in vibrant and traditional and colours with a variety of paper capacity options.
  • Organiser Files meet the end-user need for loose paper filing that requires day to day access, retrieval and organisation in the professional office, desktop and mobile work place or home office. Product formats are in polypropylene and card.

For the professional user, home office and student where presentation and secure filing of documents is of real importance, Document filing solutions are available in vibrant colours with the options of metal and plastic, fitted clips or mechanisms in a variety of different materials.