Divide and rule

What better way to take control? Let ELBA divide, structure and protect your paperwork for you.

  Organise your life your way.

ELBA indices and dividers are efficient organisation solutions for home, academic and business paperwork. ELBA has the solution tailor-made for your lifestyle and your documents.

  Your indices.

ELBA indices are inspired by classic alphabetical, numerical and monthly filing systems. ELBA indices have ready-printed tabs, designed to identify and structure information systems. Simply remove the packaging and get organised.

Tabs are printed in easy-to-read fonts to help you navigate large quantities of information quickly and effectively. Our ready-to-use ranges enhance your efficiency at work, leaving you more time to play.

  Your dividers.

Looking for something different? ELBA dividers come in a multitude of materials, textures and colours to help you express yourself in your filing. In our divider ranges, the tabs are neutral to leave you free to arrange and rearrange your information structure, as and when you like.

Or, if you want to personalise your dividers, ELBAPrint is at your service. This on-line personalisation tool helps you print customised tabs and index pages quickly, easily and with professional results. Work from a rich database of templates to create your own unique information system, with your own unique style.

  Your choice.

ELBA indices and dividers also come in coloured assortments to colour code your paperwork and coordinate with your filing solutions. Easier to file, easier to find.

  Your guarantee.

ELBA indices and dividers are created using the highest quality materials to protect your most precious documents in the way they deserve. Care for both your paperwork and your environment: ELBA manilla and pressboard ranges have been awarded with the Paper by Nature ecolabel. Our plastic-based and plastic-reinforced ranges offer outstanding dirt, tear and crease resistance to withstand the most intensive use.

Structure. Store. Protect. Present. File. Find.
Think Dividers. Think ELBA.