The Ring Binders category offers a wide range of products; specially designed to cater to every individual needs, from the professional to the individual, and in any environment. There is a Ring Binder for every need in organising or preserving documents.
  ELBA © Ring Binders come in different selections of materials, designs, colours and sizes. This wide category can be split in to two main segments:
  Presentation Binders

  • ELBA © Presentation Binders are practically designed with a clear outer cover on the front, spine and back. The covers are open at the top, allowing for personalisation with inserted title sheets.
  • ELBA © Presentation Binders are a perfect supporting tool when presenting information; every detail perfectly enhances the message. Whether used as training manual, handbook or project presentation, the Binder enhances your professional message.
  • ELBA © Presentation Binders come in two material variations; a traditional PP (or PVC) welded board product, and a more modern rigid Polypropylene (PP) range.

  General Ring Binders

  • A wide variety of different materials are available in the many different ELBA © Ring Binders ranges. Traditional Paper-over-Board ranges allow extensive opportunity for various graphic designs and colour applications. Many of these ranges are specifically designed for the educational markets.
  • Rigid Polypropylene (PP) is also widely offered in this category, with a great selection in modern colours and embossing.
  • Finally, ELBA © Ring Binders come in a wide selection of PP (or PVC) over-Board ranges, offering a Ring Binder for each situation and individual user.
  • Sizes
    ELBA © Ring Binders are available in a large variety of sizes and capacities. For most European markets we offer a specific size range as well as specific mechanism satisfying the filing traditions in each market.
    The size range stretches from A3 to A6, oblong and upright to the more specific Maxi ranges.
    Mechanisms range from 2 "O" ring 16 mm to 4 "D" 65 mm. Country specific mechanisms are available in selected ranges.