This product category contains all sorts of technical drawing instruments such as rulers, set squares, protractors, triangular scales, curves, templates, plotters, parallel rulers, compasses, dividers, writing instruments, cutters, knives and all the related accessories you need when you are drawing or are just working at your desk.
This product category is divided in 4 subcategories, each covering a specific market segment.

Contains technical drawing items for professional purposes. Typically they will be architects, engineers, technical constructors and others, who need great precision and reliable tools. The products in this category are often very specialised such as adjustable set squares, T-rulers, curves, templates, scales etc. and the demand for high quality in this segment is paramount.

  School & Office

Contains items for use at offices and schools. Office products need to be solid, reliable and precise. A good design and an environmentally friendly angle are also important factors, when products are used in office environments. The school products are divided in two parts, where an assortment of colourful products cover the younger pupils and an assortment of very precise and solid products cover the slightly older pupils and students in most kind of schools. These products are all kinds of rulers, compasses, erasers, sharpeners, pencils etc.

  Arts & Crafts

Contains articles for artists, craftsmen and the growing number of hobby enthusiasts, who wish to do things themselves and demands quality products to work with. The product category covers drawing and cutting machines, knives and cutting mats, scissors, metal rulers etc.


Contains all types of nautical rulers and accessories for both sea and air navigation. The products are intensively used in nautical schools, where you are educated to sail boats and ships. Most boats and ships will need to have this kind of equipment on board to use for navigation, even if the electronic navigation systems have partly taken over. These products need to be very solid, reliable and precise. The products are parallel rulers, plotters, nautical compasses, dividers, protractors, chart covers, templates etc.