Hamelin Suspension Filing is The European Market Leader for Short term organisation providing the Consumer exhaustive, unique and fully adapted solutions to their local needs.

Hamelin Suspension Filing has built its unbeaten leadership through a unique knowhow of the European Markets to become the "European Expert" in Suspension Filing.

Hamelin Suspension Filing assortment is based on 3 different products lines that perfectly fit together:

  • Suspension files that are offered in all the types required in Europe whatever the kind of furniture, size, colour, spine and linking system if any.
  • Inner Folders that help the consumer structure clearly their own organisation system with all the desired features
  • Containers (including special furniture like trolleys) that make the most of the suspension files benefits and dramatically increase the flexibility, mobility and autonomy the consumer may need.

The coherence of this Offer is insured by a clear Umbrella branding under ELBA ©. The Group Consumer Brand for Organisation.

Hamelin Suspension Filing leading Expertise is insured by "up to date" competence in Category Management, Product Innovation and a leading "time to market" product launch process.

Hamelin Suspension Filing is also a reliable daily partner for its customers. Hamelin commit to the highest Service Levels thanks to its State of the Art Supply Chain and facilities network throughout Europe.

Hamelin Suspension Filing: the Unique Experience...©